Hide or Die (HoD)

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Hide or Die (HoD)

Post by IhaxUrelax on Tue Jun 08, 2010 1:14 pm

Hide or Die

Description of the gameplay

Everyone goes to a map that has pvp enabled such as Desert of the Dead (/go 9). Then the GM that is leading the event will tell everyone the event rules and then ask if everyone understood the rules (if a player didnt understand the rules, then the GM will explain further). After that the GM will tell everyone to hide, the GM will give them 2 minutes to hide. When the 2 minutes are over the GM will use broadcast to tell them that he is looking after them. The GM will then look for the hiders and kill them as he finds them. IF the GM has problems finding a few people after around 10 minutes of constant searching then the GM is allowed to get a hint from each player. The GM will then continue killing the hiders till its only 1 player remaining, and this is the winner of the event.

Event Rules
- NO killing while in the pvp map.
- IF the player doesnt give a hint after around 10 minutes of searching then the GM is allowed to disqualify the player.
- IF a player has gone outside of the map, he is automatically disqualified.
- IF a player kills another guy while its a couple of seconds left the GM is allowed to disqualify the one that killed the player and let the killed player have 30 seconds to hide.
- There is ONLY 1 winner, so do not beg about items if you were #2


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Re: Hide or Die (HoD)

Post by lighttamer on Thu Jun 10, 2010 9:57 am

this exists and u already did this event xD


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