iGod's Developer Application

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iGod's Developer Application

Post by iGod on Thu Jun 24, 2010 7:56 pm

Age: 16

Chatbox Name: don't have one yet...

Forum Name:

Really Life Name: Hasan Anwar

Male or Female?:

IGN (In-Game Name): iGod

Where Do you Live:
I live in Canada, Ontario !

Timezone: -5 GMT

Experiences As Dev And What Rose Server?:
I have a lot of experience. I have so much experience that it will blow your mind! tongue

I have been a developer at the following servers:

Grace Rose
Elite Rose
Elite Reborn
Infinity Rose
Sea of Souls Online
Darkcore Rose

I have about a 2 year experience as a developer. I can make an npc, add maps, add items, armors, wings, you name it! I can also create new items but
I might be rough around the edges since I haven't made something for a while. I can also code a very nice looking site because I have noticed that either you guys don't have a website or you need help making one.

Why Do you Wanna be Developer Here?:
I want to be developer here because I want to help improve this server to make it enjoyable for other people to play. Another reason is because I was asked to by a few people like for instance summer and raskae and believe that I have the abilities as a developer to improve this server!

Major In What:
I am a major at databases, adding anything into the game, fixing bugs, develop a brand new client.

Custom Items And Client Developer?: I can do both of these....I can make and add custom items and I have developed clients for every single server i listed that I was a developer at except for darkcore. I wasn't given the position as head DEV.

Bug,Glitches & Server Files Fixing And Restorations?
I can fix bugs, glitches, add new things to the server files or edit them, I know how to restore a database as well if that is what you mean as restorations.

Have Some Proofs being a DEV? Show It To us.... The most important part of the DEV applications is the proofs and no one is satisfied with an application unless they see a proof. So here are mine:


Race Cart Circuit

I love this map!! It is much better than the race circuit they have on Dolphin Island...

Geb Desert

HUGE MAP O.O, Its basically filled with some ancient buildings and sand everywhere like an actual desert xD

First is the New Modified Junon (took days for this and it started to piss me off xD)

Well enough of that I know it looks awesome but now for some Oro pictures tongue


Trench Sword

Vengaza Staff

Xelha Staff

Zengetsu Sword


Choas Bike

Aero Bike

GT Cart

So much more to show....to little of a post to see it all xD

Say something about your self: I have just currently finished learning how to do .php and .html but that does not mean I can make a good looking site. here's proof for that too tongue

I have also been admin for many servers. I have been admin for grace rose (after the admin had some personal problems), infinity,elite,elite reborn, and co-admin on sea of souls online!

So I am no amateur!

Any questions or comments? Post below and I will gladly answer them. Thank you for your time and have a good day!


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Re: iGod's Developer Application

Post by kaiserkiva on Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:32 pm

yeh hes a pro he should be the new dev ^_^.good luck anyway

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Re: iGod's Developer Application

Post by HardCore on Fri Jun 25, 2010 4:16 am

ACCEPETED! i will pm you my Msn Contact me there to get all the power and start work! biggrin

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Re: iGod's Developer Application

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