Dealer's Guide

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Dealer's Guide

Post by HardCore on Sun May 30, 2010 1:04 pm

1.DEALERS(dealer-->bourgeois or artisan)
-Dealers are the money-making class of ROSE. They typically use guns or launchers in combat, which uses bullets and canon balls, because of that dealers could be rather expensive to level. Dealers are also skilled in crafting items. The dealer's main stat is their concentration, and some sen. They can become either an artisan (crafting) or bourgeois (good for hunting and a damage dealer at the sametime).

-artisans are specialized when it comes to crafting items, wings, masks, weapons, armors.. Artisans are the most richest characters but expensive at the sametime.

-bourgeois are specialized in launchers and great for hunting materials. They're stats are str(for launchers), con, some sen, and some cha(to increase drop chances)
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