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FAQ! Please Read

Post by HardCore on Sat May 29, 2010 7:52 pm

Q: How do I create a account?
A: You can Creat by visit the Register page at http://royal-rose.cz.cc, or account by going in game and type the same ID and pass *2* Times to get an Account.

Q: How do I reborn my character?
A: Type /reborn. (You Must be lv 225+)

Q: Will I lose my skills?
A: No.

Q: Will I lose my job?
A: No.

Q: Will I lose my stats?
A: No. You reborn to level up again to gain more stats.

Q: Where do I buy Skillbooks?
A: Darren for 1st job skills, but both for dealer (/go 3) and Olleck Basilasi for 2nd job skills (/go 4).

Q: What are the rates?
A: The rates are on the main website: http://royal-rose.cz.cc

Q: What's the website?
A: http://royal-rose.cz.cc

Q: Whats the max stat?
A: The max stats are 2005.

Q: What are the commands for the server?
A: This is the Command:
Player Commands:

/go 1-20 (example: /go 3)

/go 1=Adventurer's plain
/go 2=Zant's Village
/go 3=Junon Police
/go 4=Magic City Of Eucar
/go 5=Xita Refuge
/go 6=Training Grounds(PVP area Only)
/go 7=Lion's Plain(PVP or Event Area)
/go 8=Luna Clan Field
/go 9=Desert Of the Dead
/go 10 is unabled so Sorry about that.
/go 11=Sikuku UnderGround Prison(160 and Above)
/go 12 is unabled so Sorry about that.
/go 13=George Of Silence
/go 14=Oblivion Temple
/go 15=El Verloon Desert
/go 16=Forest Of Wisdom
/go 17=Marsh of Ghost
/go 18=Breezy Hills
/go 19=Goblin Cave(B1)
/go 20=Dolphin Island

/class (example: /class soldier)

/allskill (Charname) (only works when you have your 2nd job advancement)

/who (to find out how many GM's and players are online)

/b (text) (example: /b hello) (will broadcast the word "hello" to everyone in server)

/reborn (level 250)

/hair (ID) (ID: 1-7)

/face (ID) (ID: 1-12)

/transx (change your sex female/male)

Q: Help! My client closes when I try to log in!!
1. Breathe
2. Go to you'r Royal ROSE folder.
3. Do the following for RoseOnline, Trose, Triggerdetect and Neoncube.
4. Right Click, go to the Compatibility tab, tick the box for "run this program in compatibility mode for:", select "Windows XP (Service pack 2)" then click apply.

Q: Why do I get a "Client stopped working" error or a sudden exit at the log in screen? I have vista.
1. Click the start orb (or Start Menu).
2. Right click on "Computer" and click "Properties".
3. On the left panel, click "Advanced system settings".
4. Click the "Advanced" tab then click the first Settings button.
5. Click the "Data execution prevention" tab and make sure "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select:" is selected. Click the "Add" button at the bottom of the page, find "Trose" inside of the Royal ROSE folder and add it to the list.

Q: I get a Trose error after running the neoncube.exe! I'm on vista, what do I do?
A: Right click on neoncube > Run as Administrator.

Q: Can I buy items from GM's?
A: No,Won From Events or Help the Server by Donate and Get Some Items as a Thanks!

Q: Why can't I see NPC text?
A: Go to your Royal ROSE folder and do the following for RoseOnline, TriggerDetect, Trose & Neoncube. Right click, select properties and go to the compatibility tab. Check the box for Compatibility mode for windows XP SP2, disable display scaling on high DPI settings and run as administrator. Press apply, ok then re-log into the game.

This bug is tricky. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Q: Are GM's allowed to power level players?
A: Yes. This doesn't mean they have to.

Q: Can GM's give out zuly?
A: No.

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