ingame player commands

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ingame player commands

Post by lighttamer on Sun May 30, 2010 3:20 am

here is list of commands for players ingame:

/go "number"
with this command you can teleport to other places if you type /go you see where u can go
example : /go 1 = adventure plains

see how many players and how many GM's are online

reborns your character if you are lvl 225+
you get back to lvl 1 but all your stats,class and skills remain the same

broadcast something for the whole server so everyone can read what u say

type this to choose your class like for example i type /class hawker at level 10 now im a hawker and at lvl 100 u can choose 2nd class
for hawker this is scout or raider so: /class scout or /class raider

hawker: /class hawker,/class scout,/class raider
muse: /class muse,/class cleric,/class mage
soldier: /class soldier,/class champion,/class knight
dealer: /class dealer,/class bourgeois,/class artisan

/allskill "name"
give you all skills for your class like for me its /allskill Lighttamer

/hair 1-6 to change hairsyle

/transx to change gender

/face 1-6 to change face
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